When you hear the word “Godly wife,” what comes to mind? For many women, this word conjures up ideas of pleasing their husbands, cooking for them, and managing the household. In many ways, this is still the image that many women have of what it means to be a wife. However, what about the woman who wants to be a wife in the Biblical sense? What does it mean to be a godly wife? This article will explore what it means to be a godly wife, why it’s important, and how you can grow in this area. We’ve listed out a couple of easy things you can do in order to become a truly Godly wife.

A Godly Wife Prays Fervently

Being a godly wife means that you pray frequently and in accordance with God’s word; prayers that can bring about changes and cause events to unfold and reveal themselves as God intended. Even if circumstances may appear to be unchangeable, a godly wife is one who has access to God whenever necessary in accordance with His word.

A Godly Wife Loves Explicitly

A godly wife must love explicitly—not in the way the world does, but in the way that God does, which is actually required. A godly wife is primarily focused on the methods that God wants her to use to demonstrate her love for her significant other rather than just how the world has conditioned us to perceive love.

A Godly Wife is A Forgiver

Because of human nature, a Godly wife may occasionally feel that she is being disregarded, disrespected, or that she is not being valued as she should be, but a Godly wife must be able to overlook her husband’s excesses and forgive him completely with all sincerity and genuineness necessary to resolve their differences amicably.

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A Godly Wife Possess Godly Attitude

Being a godly wife requires having a godly attitude because, more often than not, what you think is what you talk about, and this has a big impact on how we socialize. In order to be able to say the appropriate things at the appropriate times and know when to hold back on saying certain things in order to maintain her sanity, a godly wife needs to learn how to regulate her thoughts and communicate more effectively. Thinking in a way that ultimately honors your spouse and God is more important.

A Godly Wife Follows and Leads

Being a godly wife means having the ability to both lead and follow; even though the man is the head of the household, it is expected of a godly wife to be able to contribute effectively to the maintenance of such a home. She should never feel undervalued because there are times when the head of the household will need support and guidance from his spouse on how to better attend to events and find the right solutions that are required.

A Godly Wife Respects

Being respectful is part of being a godly wife since it speaks to a man’s need for importance and respect, which is one of his most valued love languages. When respect is given appropriately and not based on circumstances, a man will function properly and above expectations in the household.

A Godly Wife Perseveres

Being a Godly wife requires the ability to persevere; for people who are expected to live together for the rest of their lives, difficulties are inevitable. There is a need to persevere because it takes a lot to handle that. A godly wife must battle for the durability of her marriage and defend it against all odds, no matter what challenges they may face.


A Godly Wife Place God First

Being a godly wife means placing God first. A godly wife must view God as the origin of all things since He controls men’s hearts and is well-versed in how to handle them, bring about the desired results, and ensure that everything is done in accordance with His laws and precepts. Current living conditions are not able to assist.

A Godly Wife is Attractive

Being modest and dressing appropriately to honor her husband’s attractiveness are characteristics of a godly wife. He has a lot of confidence in her, and he knows that she can present herself as someone who is married and isn’t open to flirtatious conversations that would undermine the validity of her marriage and her spouse.

A Godly Wife is Disciplined.

Being disciplined is essential to being a godly wife because discipline extends beyond behavior to include a woman’s level of financial prudence, respect for established institutions, and attitudes. Because there are so many things out there designed to turn a godly wife away, she needs to be held to certain standards.

In all honesty and openness, being a godly wife in times and seasons like these is challenging, but it is still essential and cannot be disregarded in the present age. The influence of the Holy Spirit can still be used to duplicate biblical eras in our own time and even more, as must be made clear and demonstrated.