TOP 10 Characteristics Of A Godly Marriage

When I was still single, I often dreamt about how I will have a Godly marriage, that would include returning home from work on time, eating my meal at the appropriate time, spending time with my wife and children, playing together, and many other things. I had no idea that no matter how hard I tried, my marriage would be fruitless if God’s presence were not present. Numerous young people in this generation may relate to the instances offered, and the mistakes they make cause marriages to terminate unexpectedly. All of our endeavors, including marriage, place a high value on God. Prior to getting married, engaged couples should keep in mind that Christ is the head of the church, and that marriage should be the cornerstone. No marriage is flawless, but with a spiritual foundation, it may be made perfect. In this article, we’ll look at the qualities of Christian marriage.

Couples In A Godly Marriage Must Be saved

Although it can seem surprising, this point must be made clear. Individuals who are initially rescued and have made Christ their Lord are the foundation of a godly marriage. That demonstrates the degree of godliness in their marriage to some extent. Being saved enables both partners to rest in the knowledge that Christ alone provides everything that is required for their marriage to succeed.

Couples In A Godly Marriage Submissive Unto One Another

 They submit to one another in the same way that they submit to Christ as their Lord. Knowing that their private interests must be set aside and replaced with those of their important order, they should expressly demonstrate their replication of His living by following Christ as the model.

Couples In A Godly Marriage Must Pray and Study The Bible Together

Being saved is wonderful, but the union is made complete when it also includes a desire to know and love God more. As well as fighting against principalities and forces, conditions and circumstances that threaten to undermine the ordinance of marriage, prayer and Bible study are powerful tools for understanding and honoring Christ’s goals for that marriage. Once this is formed, it becomes simpler to follow the rules that are expected in a godly marriage and more difficult for the adversary to infiltrate such a tie.

Couples In A Godly Marriage Must Be Part of Godly community

A Godly community is necessary because it is impossible to have a Godly marriage on your own. This community should be able to encourage you to move in the right direction and should be able to track your marriage’s progress whenever there is a chance that it might depart from Godly patterns or ways. A godly marriage has to be surrounded by people who have walked in their shoes and are still there to lead and guard them into the paths that are good and just, just as a believer cannot flourish in isolation.

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Couples In A Godly Marriage Should Have Godly Friends

Similar to the community, it is crucial to have godly friends that you can open up to about serious concerns without feeling embarrassed or afraid. These friends will be able to offer help and support in all kinds of sincerity. Godly friends never run out, and their impacts are greater and more powerful than anybody can fathom or comprehend.

Couples In A Godly Marriage Should Have Intimacy and Cohabitation

  Yes, this is required in a godly union. Particularly if kids are present in that area. Both couples must be able to develop their closeness with one another in addition to their children because they were originally connected as one before the inclusion of children and will be left alone as they age. In order to avoid being overly reliant on one another for love and affection over time, it is crucial that they set aside time to establish and strengthen their relationship as well as increase their degree of closeness.

A Godly Marriage Priorities and Prioritization (Godly)

In a godly marriage, there are many developments and desires over time, and honestly, Godly desires and aspirations will come in, which are not wrong, but it is necessary to create a scale of preference as to which should be given more attention and which should be less considered, taking both the needs of the present and the needs of the future into account.

Godly Marriage Should Have Knowledge And Understanding Of One Another

Knowing your spouse on a deeper level than just their affection or facial expression is vital. Because humans have inherited many of nature’s intricacies, they are the most challenging to comprehend. Understanding your spouse might be made easier if you have a solid understanding of their personalities and behaviors. Knowing your partner better enables you to resolve disagreements amicably and prevent them from spilling over to others. Knowing your mate entails paying close attention to things like likes and dislikes, interests, mood swings, etc. Due to a lack of mutual understanding, the first two years of a marriage may be challenging, but through time, they will get to know one another better.

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Couples In A Godly Marriage Should Be Committed To One Another

Marriage involves labor to make it work via dedication to one another in order for it to be joyful. It would be nave to draw the conclusion that the husband, as the leader of the household, has a responsibility to see to it that there are no problems in the marriage, or that a woman, as the keeper of the home, has a responsibility to see to it that there are no problems in the marriage. Marriage is similar to a team of employees working together to accomplish a shared objective in a company with varying operational tasks and responsibilities. This also holds true for marriages, which are made up of several components that must take care of one another, from the husband to wife and children to the woman to husband and children. The two of them are responsible for it, not just one.

Couples In A Godly Marriage Must Protect One Another

Couples are supposed to function as a spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological shield for one another in all they undertake. They must not put themselves in risk of any kind. They establish themselves as a formidable force by doing this. A wife shouldn’t criticize her spouse in front of others or reveal private information about him to others, and the same goes for the husband. They ought to help one another when any of the couples is dealing with a problem that arises outside of their marriage. They should avoid speaking bitterly to one another in front of others since doing so might expose them both to future threats that could perhaps ruin their marriage.

10 Bibles Verses on Christian Marriages

The following scripture texts about a godly marriage will further aid in pointing us in the direction of a godly marriage as we have explored the 10 qualities of a godly marriage:

1. Ephesians 5:25-29

2. Romans 12:10

3. Proverbs 3:3-4

4. 1Peter 3:7

5. Ephesians 5:33

6. Malachi 2:14-15

7. Romans 13:8

8. Matthew 19:4-6 9. Proverbs 18:22 10. Ecclesiastes 4:9-11