In-Demand Careers: International Truck Drivers Job Opportunities in Canada

In this post, we will look at Truck Drivers Job Opportunities in Canada that are in-demand. Canada has always depended a lot on road traffic, especially long-haul (HGV, or heavy goods vehicle) trucking.

This industry is responsible for moving 77.7% of all goods within the country. But as trucking’s role in the goods supply chain becomes more important to the economy, there is more demand for cars than there are drivers, which has led to a severe driver shortage across Canada.

A study by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) says that by the end of 2023, there could be a shortage of 55,000 truck drivers. This is mostly because there aren’t enough people who want to become truck drivers, especially women, to replace those who are leaving and because long-haul drivers leave their jobs often.

Alberta’s trucking industry is one of many that is “struggling to fill thousands of vacant driver roles.” This could hurt not only the HGV industry, but also every other industry that relies on the transportation of goods.

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In November 2022, truckers were added to Canada’s Express Entry Program to help with the lack of workers mentioned above. This makes it easier for HGV drivers from other countries who have a Class 1 license to get permanent residency in the UK.

The federal government now knows that these drivers are part of a high-demand business. This moves them from being semi-skilled to being skilled in their job. Also, the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) gives people a chance to move to Canada through the regular entry method.

The Canadian trucking business is a hot spot for recent immigrants and people who want to move there. The pay is similar to that of a graduate engineer, the working conditions are good, and there is a lot of job freedom. With all these benefits and so many more, you must be wondering how you could get into the long-haul business in Canada, right?