Top Canada Recruitment Agencies for Immigrants

If you are looking for The Top Canada Recruitment Agencies for Immigrants that help people find jobs through the hiring service? Or, do you want a service to help you find a job in Canada? If you said yes, we have good news.

We’ve put together a list of the most legitimate recruitment agencies and companies in Canada so you can get a better job and employment service in your favorite city, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, or Calgary.

If you want to work in Canada in 2021, check out these top and best managers in Canada. From the high-tech West Coast to the Maritime provinces, Canadian companies need skilled immigrants.

To fill these jobs, recruitment agencies look for talent all over the world.

Why do you have to talk to an employment agency in Canada if you want to find a job?
Do companies in Canada hire people from other countries?
How can I find a job in Canada?
How much do employment firms in Canada charge?

List of companies that hire people in Canada Getting Workers from Other countries

Canada-wide Recruitment Agencies

  • Canada Connect
  • Work Global Canada

Canada’s best staffing agencies

  • Quebec International
  • Hays Canada Recruitment
  • Global Hire
  • Opportunity Alberta

Recruitment Agencies in Toronto

  • Drake International
  • Renard International
  • Hire Immigrants
  • Petro Staff International
  • Michael Page

Recruitment Agencies in Montreal

  • Cowan International

Recruitment Agencies in Vancouver

  • ELI- Euro Labour Infusion
  • Alliance Online
  • Outpost Recruitment
  • Island Recruiting
  • Diamond Personnel

Why do you have to talk to a Canada Recruitment Agencies for Immigrants if you want to find a job in Canada?

According to the study, more than 90% of companies in Canada hire new employees through recruitment agencies. Recruiting firms will act as middlemen to help companies find the best people and help people find the right job.

Unlike corporate recruiters, hiring agency recruiters have access to all kinds of jobs at a wide range of companies in a wide range of industries. If businesses and your rivals are using them, you should too.

Here are some reasons why both companies and job seekers should talk to a job placement service:
Doing this can save you time and trouble.


Do companies in Canada hire people from other countries?

Yes, employers can hire people through Canada Express Entry when they can’t find Canadians or permanent residents to fill job openings. Employers can find workers in Canada or abroad through services that find workers for them.

How can I find a job in Canada?

Most of the time, a true job opening needs to be backed up by an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). The company has to request one from Employment and Social Development Canada/Service Canada. If they get a good LMIA, they have to give you a copy and a job offer in writing.

How much do Top Canadian Recruitment Agencies for Immigrants charge?

Most of the time, the recruitment charge is based on a percentage of the candidate’s yearly salary. This fee can be anywhere from 15% to 25%. The charge range goes up the harder it is to get hired.

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The recruitment fee is set during the first meeting, when the hiring manager tells the employment consultant in Canada what the job is.

List of Canadian agencies that hire foreign workers in 2024

If you are looking for jobs in Canada that are open to foreigners, these recruitment agencies can help you find the best jobs for you in the area you want.

Getting the right employees with the right abilities in Canada is hard, but managing employment arrangements for foreign workers is even harder. In the last few years, Canada’s infrastructure, energy, development, and processing businesses have all grown a lot.

Because of this rise, there is a huge need for professionals with a lot of education, training, and skills, like engineers, executives, researchers, chemists, and designers.

More and more Canadian companies are hiring foreign workers for these skilled jobs, which often require a lot of experience. Finding the right agents and people to hire can be hard.

Not every hiring agency in Canada that helps foreign workers find jobs can provide real services. But we suggest a global recruitment solutions company with more than 30 years of experience in the process, infrastructure, and energy industries.

Best Canada Recruitment Agencies for Immigrants

The Global Hire

Global Hire is a staffing company with offices in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. It places people from other countries in the health care, trucking, welding, and skilled labor areas in Canada.

Hays Recruitment Canada is a company that hires people.

Hays is a global company that hires professionals. It has offices in 33 countries, including Canada, where it has locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal, among other places.

Types of jobs the company is looking to fill

  • Accounting and Money
  • Services in Banking and Finance
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • People’s jobs
  • Technology and information
  • Logistics in the law
  • Making things
  • People who work in offices
  • Resources and Mining Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Tax on Sales and Buying

Since the 1960s, they have helped people find better jobs and helped companies find the best people to work for them.

They are giving companies the tools they need to change their talent pools by using new methods and technology.

Their clients who are looking for jobs work with professional recruiters in 8 offices in Canada’s big cities. Last year, the staffing firm was able to fill 5200 positions.

Canada-Quebec International

As an agency for economic growth, Quebec International’s goal is to help the economy of Quebec City do well. International employment is one of the things it does to help reach this goal.

The Opportunity Alberta

The provincial government in Alberta helps businesses hire temporary foreign workers after those businesses have tried to find Canadian workers.

Recruitment Agencies In Montreal

Cowan International Ltd.
Cowan International has been matching jobs and people for more than 60 years. They hire for the resources, engineering, and construction businesses.

Agencies for hiring people in Toronto

Drake International, Inc.
Drake International is another Canadian company that was started in the 1950s. Its headquarters are in Toronto, and it finds top talent all over the country and the world.

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The Petro Staff International

Petro Staff helps businesses in Canada, the US, and other countries by holding job fairs in Toronto and its home base, Calgary, for oil and gas workers from around the world.

Renard International Renard International

Renard International serves the hospitality business all over the world from its offices in Toronto. It finds candidates from its database of 30,000 people. Expertise of applicants includes food and beverage, engineering, sales and marketing, and management at the senior level.

Michael Page

Michael Page has offices on six continents, giving it knowledge of local markets and the tools of an international network. The specialist recruitment business works with both employers and job seekers, using a customized and consultative approach.

Hire immigrants

Hire Immigrants is a resource for companies that want to find, hire, and bring on skilled immigrants. It offers advice and help to these businesses.

Diamond Personnel is a Vancouver staffing agency.

This Canadian nanny placement service does more than just find nannies for children. They also find caregivers for the elderly and help place household staff.

Alliance Online (Alliance Online)

Alliance Online is a company that finds jobs for Canadian and foreign workers in the automotive, agriculture, construction, and energy fields.


Outpost Recruitment’s goal is to connect construction and engineering companies in Canada with local and international talent. The young company is based in Vancouver, and its clients are general contractors, engineering firms, developers, and subcontractors from all over the country.

Euro Labour Infusion (ELI)

Euro Labour Infusion is an employment service in Alberta whose main goal is to help Canadian companies find skilled foreign workers.

The Island Recruiting Company

Island Recruiting in Charlottetown is the only full-service HR, recruiting, and immigration company on Prince Edward Island. They offer both domestic and international recruitment services.


This is a national and foreign employment agency with its headquarters in Edmonton. Its name stands for foreign Immigration Employment and Recruiting of Canada.

IIERC can help anyone looking for a job in the province of Alberta, as well as businesses in the province who need services for finding talent or help with foreign worker applications and employee immigration.

Canada’s Recruitment Agencies That Hire People All Over Canada

Work Global Canada

Work Global Canada is a staffing company in St. John’s that uses its global network of agents to find foreign workers in fields like engineering, agriculture, and healthcare.

Connect Canada

Canada Connect is an immigration advice company in Winnipeg that can help people who want to work in Canada get through the process more quickly.

Even though Canada Connect is not a recruitment agency, it can give expert advice and assessments about immigration issues, such as express entry for skilled workers, low-skilled jobs in Canada for foreigners, moving from temporary to permanent residence, business immigrants, and the status of workers in Canada who are part of the Caregiver Program.

In this piece of content, we’ve tried to talk about as many Canadian job agencies as possible so you can find the best one.