We can call a Godly wife a woman who has completely given herself up to God’s use or who has resigned herself entirely to the master’s use in respect to her marital dealings with her husband. She is being directed and instructed by God in ways that are pleasant in His eyes on how she should handle the relationship and union between her and her hubby. The supremacy of the Almighty, who is not even gender-specific, is personified in a godly wife, who has qualities that are comparable to those of the Almighty.

The wife of a man is described in the Bible as both his glory and the earthly equivalent of his labors and difficulties. This translates into the reality that a godly wife praises her husband and in that he is deeply treasured and embellished with wonderful ornaments which transcend natural principles. Being also thought of as a reward for her spouse, it can be said that a man who has lived righteously and in accordance with divine conduct would be rewarded by God with a woman who can assist him in continuing in that race and journey in proper alignment, which speeds up their level of impact and actualization of the desires of Christ for them. A typical spark turns into a blaze, igniting both couples into complete fulfillment while leaving no stone untouched.                

A godly wife aims to support her partner in keeping the uprightness and diligence of living righteously and being able to stick to each other despite any difficulties they may have during their marriage. She is required to prioritize the prosperity of the family in accordance with Christ’s teachings rather than her personal interests. No worries, the road is difficult since a woman frequently has a wide range of alternatives and ideas to consider, but the godliness inside her is what helps to focus her wishes or preferences toward what is expected of a godly wife.

She is frequently observed living life to the fullest by many others who are struggling to please their spouses and their families as a whole. Unaware of the forthcoming sacrifices, which included deaths for personal or egotistical ambitions, but with adequate care for the family as a whole. She frequently is cited as a model for how to manage situations and is imitated by many others for her seeming ease in doing so.

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A Godly Wife

 A godly wife is from the Lord, and all she does and displays are the result of her being guided and influenced by God Himself, not only by people who claim to be spiritually oriented but have not enabled such a wife to see and understand God for who He truly is on her own.

What God says about a godly wife?

The Bible provides us with profound wisdom on the qualities of a godly wife. Proverbs 31 presents a beautiful picture of a woman of noble character, who is trustworthy, diligent, and a blessing to her family. Her strength and dignity are evident as she fears the Lord and embraces her role as a loving and caring wife and mother.

In Ephesians 5, the Apostle Paul calls for wives to submit to their husbands as a reflection of their submission to the Lord. This submission is not about inferiority but rather a demonstration of mutual respect and partnership within the marriage covenant.

The Apostle Peter, in 1 Peter 3, emphasizes the value of inner beauty in a godly wife—a gentle and quiet spirit that comes from a heart that trusts in God.

As a pastor, I encourage wives to be women of integrity, prayer, and love, seeking to emulate the character of Christ in their daily lives. The Bible teaches that a godly wife is a priceless gift, bringing honor and blessing to her husband and family. It is my prayer that each marriage is built upon a foundation of love, respect, and God’s guidance, allowing the beauty of a godly wife to shine brightly in every home.”

What are the qualities of a good wife according to the Bible?

According to the Bible, a good wife possesses several qualities that are highly valued and cherished. She is trustworthy, supportive, and devoted to her husband and family, as exemplified in the Proverbs 31 Woman. A good wife also demonstrates a gentle and quiet spirit, showing respect and humility, as encouraged by the Apostle Peter in 1 Peter 3. Additionally, she seeks to honor God in her actions, displaying virtues of love, kindness, and wisdom, as described throughout the Scriptures.

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What is a biblical example of a godly wife?

A biblical example of a godly wife is found in the character of Ruth. In the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament, Ruth is portrayed as a woman of exceptional virtue and faithfulness. After the death of her husband, she chose to stay with her mother-in-law, Naomi, and accompany her back to Bethlehem, leaving her own homeland and family behind.

Ruth’s unwavering commitment to Naomi and her willingness to embrace a new culture and faith are evident in her famous words to Naomi: “Where you go, I will go, and where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God my God” (Ruth 1:16). Her loyalty and sacrificial love extended beyond mere words; she worked diligently to provide for both herself and Naomi.

Through her steadfastness and selflessness, Ruth caught the attention of Boaz, a man of integrity and wealth, who ultimately became her kinsman-redeemer and husband. Their union not only demonstrated the beauty of love and marriage but also played a significant role in God’s divine plan, as Ruth became an ancestor in the lineage of King David and, ultimately, Jesus Christ.

Ruth’s story serves as a remarkable example of a godly wife who exhibited qualities such as faith, humility, loyalty, and love. Her life continues to inspire believers to embrace the same virtues in their relationships and devotion to God.

How to be a godly woman and wife?

To be a godly woman and wife, first and foremost, seek to develop a deep and intimate relationship with God through prayer, studying the Scriptures, and cultivating a heart of obedience. Embrace virtues such as love, kindness, patience, and humility, following the example of Jesus Christ. Nurture your marriage with open communication, mutual respect, and support, putting God at the center of your relationship and striving to be a source of encouragement and strength to your husband.