From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact: Pastor Paul Obadare’s Inspiring Biography

Pastor Paul Obadare is a firm believer in accurately and precisely disseminating Biblical concepts to mankind. He argues that the Bible has already made its case and should stand on its own.

By doing this, the Bible should be used practically in a thorough, professional, and prophetic manner.  He would say, “We ought to skillfully apply the word of God in every day’s life.

Jesus, our model, is a professional man, and He gave us full dedication, committed exemplification, and practical simplification. Thus, integrity, genuine practical love, and intelligible spiritual application will be the bedrock of the World Soul-Wining Evangelistic Ministry ( WOSEM).” 

WOSEM is a strong evangelistic arm of the Christ Apostolic Church, with its branches stretching across the length and breath of Nigeria and Overseas.

It was founded under the direction of God Himself for the Purpose of winning souls in all parts of the World for Christ.

Dr. Paul Obadare is the first son out of the six children of African-renown evangelist Apostle T.O. Obadare, the Founder of WOSEM Worldwide. He began his career as a clergyman  in 1982. Theology, counseling, and world religion are Dr. Paul Obadare’s areas of expertise.

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He was the Associate Minister at Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church in Selma, Alabama, until he was appointed as the church’s first African Minister in 1986. He was also a student at Selma University.

Dr. Obadare finished his Master’s degree in Religious Studies in 1989 at the Divinity School of Howard University in Washington, D.C., USA. His PHD in Theology was awarded by the International Seminary in Florida, USA.

After receiving this degree, he accepted a position as a New Testament professor at a nearby seminary and Bible college, where he worked for seven years while also earning a second doctorate in counseling.

Dr. Obadare worked as a pastor and a teacher in Methodist and Baptist churches while pursuing his education. A hospital in Washington, D.C., USA, employed him as a chaplain.

Before becoming the General Secretary of CAC-WOSEM USA and holding that position for a considerable period of time, he also served as a pastor in the Christ Apostolic Church of WOSEM USA.

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Presently, he is the General Overseer of the World Soul-Winning Evangelistic Ministry (WOSEM) worldwide.
As his father did, Dr. Paul goes about conducting revival meetings and planting churches throughout Nigeria and many other countries of the world in order to fulfill the mission of soul-winning.

He is the President of WOSEM Bible School in Maryland, USA, and WOSEM Bible Institute in New York, USA.

Pastor Paul Obadare ‘s FAMILY

Dr. Paul Obadare is married to his lovely wife, Evangelist Florence Obadare, popularly known as Mommy G.O., and his family is blessed with four children.

Pastor Paul Obadare ‘s BOOKS

Dr. Paul is the author of “Marriage, Not Manage: Tools For A Lasting Marriage” and coauthor of “Purpose Driven Marriage.”