You won’t believe the incredible life journey of Pastor Anwinli Ojeikere! (The Winlos)

Born on the 13th of April, Pastor Anwinli Ojeikere is a woman that God has blessed. She is an actress, an author, a mother, and a wife. Married to Pastor Ohis Muyiwa Ojeikere, both of them are popularly known as The Winlos.

Pastor Anwinli studied Biochemistry at the University and was working as a biochemist in a hospital when her husband heard God’s call for them to start acting together.

HOW Pastor Anwinli Ojeikere MET Her Husband

The couple met in a church in Asaba in 2008, while Pastor Ohis was serving as a Corps member.  They met while acting and writing drama in their church drama group. At first, they had no emotions for each other, as they were purely friends and were not each other’s choice for a romantic partner.

Physically, Anwinli wasn’t his dream woman because he wanted some “obvious” things in a woman. Ohis, on the other hand, seemed too black to Anwinli, “with big black lips that looked like a smoker’s”. Now, she loves his big lips more than anything else about him, but at the time, it made her feel awkward.

Ohis didn’t speak English well at the time, but he has grown a lot since then. He also didn’t like speaking in public. He dated women who were the “shape” he wanted, while Anwinli did the same with the men who came her way, which didn’t work out because they were all missing something.

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Eventually, Ohis proposed to Anwili on March 7th, 2011, and she said Yes some days later. They got married on May 18, 2013, and have used skits, stage plays, movies, and other ways to show the love of God in their ministry ever since.

Pastor Anwinli Ojeikere’s Awards

They now travel inside and outside of the country to paint pictures of Jesus that are so clear that they have won many awards and brought the Christian mini-drama community back into the spotlight.

One of their skits, called “GOD TOLD ME TO MARRY YOU,” got them a lot of attention. It was watched by millions of people all over the world, and some of their skits were even turned into French, Hindi, and other languages.

They are indeed a breath of fresh air in Christian entertainment. In 2015, the couple was nominated for a Golden Icon Academy Movie Award (GIAMA) for Best Inspirational Film—an award that honors and promotes Nigerian filmmakers, actors, and producers abroad.

Their film “Twelve Forty-Five” was chosen to be shown at the annual International Christian Film and Music Festival in Orlando, Florida, USA, in 2021. In 2021, put them on a list of the 100 most important Church people in Nigeria.

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Pastor Anwinli Ojeikere’s Ministry [THE WINLOS]

Every February, the couple hosts THE WINLOS SHOW (TWS), which is a mix of pure Christian comedy, plays, and music. They also have a show called “ASK THE WINLOS” that airs every Friday on their internet TV. This show is very participatory and has positively impacted many people.

Asides their drama ministry, the Winlos have also encouraged thousands of married and single couples around the world with their annual campus tour called MRC (MY RELATIONSHIP CONFERENCE). They are also the lead Pastors at The Votage, an online church that is part of the Winlos Ministry.

The Winlos started out as a small group of friends, but they have grown over the years and now have a large number of bright people with skills in many different areas.

They are authors of the best-selling book “His Ex, Her Ex” and blind dates.

Pastor Anwinli Ojeikere’s Family

The couple has a daughter named Aima.

Pastor Anwinli Ojeikere’s Spiritual mentors

Pastor Anwinli Ojeikere (The Winlos) have acknowledged Apostle Arome Osayi as a spiritual father as well as Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo and Pastor Mrs. Mildred Okonkwo as revered mentors.