The Spiritual Journey of Pastor Chris Delvan Gwamna: From Doubt to Faith

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna Ajiyat is a Psalmist and teacher, gifted in the prophetic and the word of knowledge. He is the founder, and presiding pastor of The New Life Pastoral Centre (New Life Assembly), which is based in Kaduna in north-west Nigeria.

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna Early Life

Pastor Chris Delvan was born on December 12, 1960, in Kagoro, Kaduna State. He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University with a degree in history and political science in the 1980s.

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna Family

Chris Delvan Gwemna is married to Pastor Annie Gwemna, his wife of 34 years. They have two children, Joel and Salamatu.

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna ‘s Pastoral ministry

Pastor Chris Delvan established Chris Delvan Gwemna Ministries International, which has a mission to reach the whole world. This is in line with God’s command to make disciples of all countries until the knowledge of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Pastor Chris Delvan has shown in his ministry that he earnestly desires that God’s will be established in the Northern part of Nigeria, where he was born and where his ministry is based.

The Chris Delvan Gwemna Ministries has seven different arms;
The Arewa Christian Initiatives; a Northern Christian Initiative that is a teaching, building, and continuing ministry;
The New Life Pastoral Care Center, which aims to be a model of an ideal local assembly and has the mission of being an educational center for nurturing, discipleship, redefinition, and revival;
The Freshlife Assembly, House of Jeduthun, Methahost Partnerships, Pisgah Media and the Koinonia Cultural Development Centre.

Pastor Chris Delvan is a man who loves God with all his heart and wants to reach and help people, especially young people.

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna Gospel Music Ministry

Pastor Chris Delvan is recognized for his soul-touching songs, which have transformed lives.  He has written many songs and released many albums, which have been a great blessing to the body of Christ. One of such songs is the popular “You Are The Holy Ghost”. Pastor Chris Delvan  is known for his prophetic chant-like songs and psalms. He also plays musical instruments, like the guitar. 

His ministry, both in songs and God’s word, has taken him to different parts of Nigeria and the world. He has ministered with different Christian ministers and in different Christian programs, including the Inter-Denominational Carnival of Praise and Worship at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, on May 1, 2001.

He was also one of the guest ministers at the Men of Issachar Vision’s Conference in Ibadan, led by the former Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbanjo, in January 2017.

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Chris Delvan Gwemna ‘s Music

  • “I’ll Lead the Earth”
  • “Little Foxes”
  • “You’re My Guiding Light”
  • “El-Elohe Israel”
  • “He’s the Lamb, He’s the Lion”
  • “You are Glorious”
  • “I Will Follow”
  • “I Will Sing”
  • “Out of the Ashes”
  • “Take Me Deeper”
  • “The Lord is my Light”
  • “Until Shiloh”
  • “You are the Holy Ghost”

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna Videos

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna Awards

Pastor Chris Delvan’s life and ministry are truly inspiring and have made a big difference in the lives of many people. He was honored with the Fellow’s Investiture and Icon of Mentorship Award on April 26 April 2017 from the Institute of Mentoring and Career Coaching Nigeria (IMCCN) in recognition of “his spiritual leadership, mentorship and sacrifice to humanity” at Koinonia Cultural Development Centre of the New Life Pastoral Centre in Kaduna.

The Director General of IMCCN, Rotimi Matthew, who presented the Award, said Pastor Chris Delvan was chosen because he has made important changes in the lives of many people outside of his direct ministry. He also mentioned that the ministry of Pastor Chris has influenced countless people and mentored many whom the Pastor himself has never even met.

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Also at the Award Ceremony, his wife, Pastor Annie Gwemna, talked about him as a passionate, selfless, and self-sacrificing man of God who would do anything to make sure that as many broken lives as the Lord sends his way are fixed and given direction. At the event, Architect Gregory Icha, who is the President of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce and a good friend of Pastor Chris, said that Pastor Chris Delvan is a very humble man who really shows what mentoring is.

Pastor Chris Delvan is known by many to be the spiritual father of Pastor ChingtokIshaku, who worked for him for many years before starting his own ministry, The God Life Assembly International.

In 2018, YNaija named him one of the 100 most important people in Nigeria’s Christian Ministry, along with Mike Bamiloye, Joshua Selman, Paul Eneche, and many others.  

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna ‘s Bible Translation

Pastor Chris Delvan has contributed to the advancement of God’s kingdom and has been actively involved in promoting God’s agenda in Nigeria and in the world at large. He was involved in the translation of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible into Hausa for the Bible League of the United States of America, and the project was successfully completed in 2003.

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna ‘s Popular quotes

Out of the ashes of my dying today; I see the breaking of a brand new day…” — Chris Delvan Gwamna

I take prime interest in people, because I have failed many times, but I made it a life goal to make sure people coming up do not fail. I do all I do casually but seriously with the most influence, and the award is a call to come up higher and be the salt and light of the world.” —  Chris Delvan Gwamna