A Testament to Faith: Pastor Jerry Eze Recognized by the USA House of Representatives

The Georgia House of Representatives honored and commended Pastor Jerry Eze, the senior pastor of Streams of Joy Church and organizer of the online prayer movement, for the Miraculous NSPPD USA Prayer Gathering.

Over 20,000 individuals attended the event, which attracted many worshipers from all over the world and the state.As soon as the clergyman was acknowledged at the prayer gathering, he became the center of attention.

The NSPPD USA conference featured a variety of astounding healing and miracle testimonies, including men and women giving up wheelchairs and canes, as well as blind eyes and deaf ears opening.

The stories of God’s unusual activities from the meeting have swept the internet.

The slogan “What God cannot do does not exist” is so evident that it still captures people’s hearts around the globe, rekindles radical faith in God, and ignites men’s passion for God.

This outstanding award from the State of Georgia is proof of the transformative power of faith and the tremendous influence that Pastor Jerry Eze’s ministry has had on the lives of countless people all over the world.