Overcoming Challenges: Pastor Victor Olukoju’s Remarkable Life Story

Pastor Victor Olukoju, popularly called PVO, is an Author, Actor, Graphic Designer & Publisher, Writer, Director, Producer, missionary, preacher and pastor.

Born on November 14th, PVO was the pioneer missionary of the Charismatic Renewal Ministries in Ghana for over ten years.

Pastor Victor Olukoju’s Journey of faith

PVO became born again about 30 years ago, after finishing school. He worked a bit in Ibadan before moving to lagos.

Upon discovering his passion to preach the gospel and realizing that God wanted him to do that on a full time basis as at that time, he discussed it with his church.

The church sent him for a training with Calvary Ministries, that was the first indigenous mission ministry in Nigeria.

After staying in Jos for a year’s training as a missionary, he got married and was sent to Ghana to permanent the work of the church.

He was in Ghana with his family for over 10 years before the lord said it was time to move so another person can continue where he stopped.

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They came back to Lagos and were there for 7 years until the Lord directed them to come to Ibadan.

Pastor Victor Olukoju‘s Family

Pastor Victor Olukoju is happily Married to his heartthrob, Pastor Mrs. Franca Olukoju. They got married on 5th September and they are blessed with children – WoleOlukoju and Sharon Tops Olukoju.

Pastor Victor Olukoju’s Sexual Purity Academy (SPA)

PVO) is very passionate about sexual purity and also spreading the gospel of the most high to the youth in every way he can.

He is the President of the Sexual Purity Academy (SPA); a commission with a mandate to raise Sexual Purity Ambassadors for Christ while equipping young people to be all God created them to be.

On 26th July, 2020 PVOopened office for the Academy at Larabod Shopping Plaza, Beside Reol Event Center, Ashi-Bodija, Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.

Pastor Victor Olukoju’s Parables Film Productions

A graduate of Graphic Design, PVO is the founding President of Parables Film Productions, Nigeria, which is a gospel movie ministry that seeks to propagate the gospel of Christ through acting.

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PVO obtained Ordinary, Advanced, and Diploma Certificates in Christian Drama Arts from Mount Zion Institute.He is the national president of Mount Zion Alumni Fellowship. He is the host of Beyond Entertainment Show with PVO.

Books by Pastor Victor Olukoju

As an established author, Pastor Victor Olukoju has authored over 20 books, including

1. 10 Commandments

2. Letter to my Daughter

3. Maintaining Sexual Purity as a Student

4. Letter to Courting Couples

5. 33 Reasons you must say NO to Sex before Marriage

6. Sexless Friendship

7. Letter to my Son

8. Zip Up

9. Stop the Murderer

Movies by Pastor Victor Olukoju

Movies that PVO has written, directed, or starred in include Mohuru, Man down, Abattoir, Games, among others.