Anchored in Purpose: The Life Story of Dr. Paul Enenche Will Leave You Inspired and Transformed

Prepare to be utterly captivated by the remarkable journey and calling of (Pastor) Dr. Paul Enenche. A Medical Doctor turned divine emissary, his story unfolds as a testament to the extraordinary convergence of science and spirituality. With a unique blend of apostolic and prophetic anointing, he stands as a beacon of restoration, rekindling the flames of human lives and dignities.

In this electrifying exploration, we’ll delve into the intricate tapestry of Dr. Paul Enenche’s ministry – where words become transformative insights, knowledge becomes supernatural revelation, and healing defies the boundaries of the possible. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on an exhilarating voyage through a ministry that not only touches lives but shapes destinies.

Who is Dr. Paul Enenche?

Pastor Paul Idoko Enenche is a Nigerian pastor born on June 4th. He has medical training, is an author, preacher, minister, televangelist, musician, and educator. Otukpo, in Nigeria’s Benue State, is where Dr. Paul Enenche was born. He hails from the Idoma tribe in Nigeria’s Benue State.

He is the founder and Senior pastor of the well-known and powerful Dunamis International Gospel Center in Nigeria, a church he founded in 1996. Established on November 10, 1996. Dr. Enenche has a sizable following both in Nigeria and abroad because of his potent preaching and teaching ministry. Dunamis global headquarters are in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

How old is Paul Enenche?

Minister Paul Idoko Enenche, born on June 4, 1968, is a Nigerian preacher. He is a physician, author, preacher, minister, televangelist, musician, and educator. As at the time of writing this post, he is 55 years old.

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Is Dr. Paul Enenche A Medical Doctor?

Prior to being called to start the Dunamis Ministry, Pastor Paul Eneche was a practicing medical doctor in Benue State, but after being called by God, he quit practicing medicine and went to start his own ministry.

Who is Dr. Paul Enenche’s Wife?

Dr. Paul Enenche is married to Dr. Becky Eneche, who is also a doctor, they both have four wonderful children. Dr. Becky oversees the Dunamis International Schools, functioning as the proprietress.

How Many Children Does Dr. Paul Enenche Have?

Pastor Paul And Becky Enenche, the founders of Dunamis Christian Center, were blessed to have given birth to four adorable children, one boy and three girls. The names of the children of Dr. Paul Enenche are as follows: Deborah, Daniella, and Destiny Paul-Enenche, and a son christened Daniel Paul Enenche.

What did Paul Enenche say about Osinachi’s death?

According to reports making the rounds on the internet, He said, “There is no way I would know if there was domestic violence that led to or coincided with those symptoms that she presented with two to three months ago.” He also continued by saying, “And there was no way I could have known if there had been ongoing domestic abuse.”

How much is Dr. Paul Enenche worth in 2023?

Dr. Paul Enenche’s net worth in 2023 will be around $25 Million. The visionary behind Dunamis International Gospel Center, founded in 1996 and now a major force in the spreading of the “Good News”. The Dunamis International Gospel Ministry’s journey began with humble beginnings at the Abuja Center for Arts and Culture and culminated in the development of The Lord’s Garden, a spectacular tribute to faith.

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Dr. Paul Enenche’s influence as the founder and General Overseer of Dunamis International Gospel Ministry stretches beyond the pulpit; from educational institutions and publishing businesses to uplifting songs and literary gems, his diversified ministry continues to touch lives worldwide. And when you put all these into consideration, Dr. Paul Enenche’s $25 Million net worth seems about right.

List of Some Songs By Dr. Paul Enenche

  • Elee (written by Dr. Paul Enenche’s wife, Dr. Becky Enenche)
  • I Will Praise You Lord
  • Let Me Want What You Want
  • Oh Prince of Peace
  • Owner of My Life
  • We Are Here Together
  • With You Lord (featuring Micah Stampley)
  • Father in heaven
  • I want to live where you are
  • This is a place

Some books by Dr.Paul Enenche

  • 21 Foolish Things People Do
  • Reason for Living
  • Ways Of Wisdom
  • Thy Glory Oh God
  • Who Are You?
  • Raising Godly Children
  • Revelation Driven Destiny
  • WISDOM FOR DISTINCTION: Six Supernatural Secrets to Unquestionable Stardom (Destiny and Dignity Series)
  • Thou Art My Battle Axe
  • 10 Principal Secrets Of Principal People