Exploring the Miracles and Healings of Pastor Fanny Ekpekurede : A Testament of Divine Power

Pastor Fanny Ekpekurede, born on January 29, is the President and Founder of Christ Life Spring Center, an Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry established by God to aid men in becoming more like Christ. Christ Life Spring Centre was incorporated in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria, on February 1, 2018.

As a prophet and an intercessor, who is fervently committed to the message of Christ, she also serves as the director of Christ Life Prophetic School and Prayer Academy, which prepares and empowers the Church to realize her prophetic potential.

Pastor Fanny Ekpekurede is also the convener of ‘Christ Women Conference’, ‘Women Pray’, and ‘The Blood of Jesus Speaks Conference’. SHE Global Network, a place where women can be raised into their God-ordained destinies, was founded by her as well.

The Covenant Jewels is the single/youth arm of CLSC where challenges that are peculiar to young people are dealt with through the instrument of God’s word.

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Pastor Fanny Ekpekurede shares practical and Scripture based insight about the gospel of Christ. She travels extensively as an internationally sought teacher of the word, a conference speaker and intercessor.She has taught the word at FECA Nigeria, Western Region convention and the Woman to Woman Conference among others 

Prophet Fanny Ekpekurede holds a Master’s degree in Social Studies Education from Delta State University, Delta State, Nigeria. She resides in Delta State, Nigeria with her husband, Dr. Wesley Ekpekurede and their children, Clinton and Charisse.

Who is Pastor Fanny Ekpekurede ‘s Husband?

Pastor Fanny, who is the convener of ‘Christ Women Conference’, ‘Women Pray’, and ‘The Blood of Jesus Speaks Conference’ is happily married to Dr. Wesley Ekpekurede.

Pastor Fanny Ekpekurede ‘s Books

Asides leading a church, Prophet Fanny is also a prolific writer. She has published several books including: The Cross, The Lordship of Christ, Understanding the Body of Christ, Overcoming the Spirit of Fear, The Blood of Jesus Speaks, and the latest, Engaging God, Prayer is a Journey, She (The Power of a Prophetic Woman) among others.