Rising from Ashes to Praise: The Incredible Life Story of Minister Chioma Jesus Will Amaze You

Minister Amaka Okwuoha, better known by her stage name Minister Chioma Jesus, is a Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter who is renowned for her prowess in the Igbo language, much like the adored Mama Evangelist Dr. Bola Are is renowned in the Yoruba Gospel Music sphere. She is a matriarch in the gospel music community and is well-known for her 2003 hit song “Chioma.” The song “Chioma” inspired her to take the name “Chioma Jesus”. Her first album also has that name.

Despite being from Imo State, Chioma Jesus was born Amaka Ebizie on February 12, 1972, in Lagos State, Nigeria. She is the oldest of seven children and started taking care of her siblings after the passing of her parents, Nze Euzebius Chukwumaeze Ebizie and Lolo Dorathy Ebizie, of Ogboza Autonomous Community, Amanator clan, in Ideato South Local Government Area, Imo State, Nigeria.

Her late father was a great singer in the village of local youth organization, Ogboza and Umueze Development Society (OUDS), which he founded among others. When Chioma Jesus was just nine years old, she began singing in the church choir. Her singing abilities were nurtured by her pastor, who went as far as enrolling her in the College of Music. 

She did, however, perform as a soloist at the Scripture Union Fellowship many years ago, where she formally began her singing career.


At a very young age, Chioma Jesus experienced a new birth on August 28, 1986, at a revival program sponsored by her village church. She belongs to Scripture Union (SU). As a fervently devout born-again Christian, she had numerous obstacles at home and at school.

During her final year of secondary school, Chioma Jesus was the only student in the entire school to say she wasn’t paying any money to bribe examiners so they would allow students to engage in exam malpractice. She came to the conclusion that it would be better for her to fail her WAEC than to do the crime and offend God.

Other final-year students intended to bother her in the exam room. She reported this to one of her brothers, OAU Ugoha, who sent a petition to the school and warned the principal about the repercussions of their actions. They were stopped from cheating during the examinations as the issue resulted in a significant uproar in the community and at the school.


After she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour and discovered the grace of God in her in the area of praise and music, Amaka began singing in her local church and the Scripture Union Fellowship as a soloist, chorus leader, and at times without instruments, especially in the Scripture Union Fellowships. Additionally, she performs original songs that are heartfelt and soul-stirring in a variety of local church services and crusades. Ogechi, her younger sister, may occasionally support her.

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As a result, she received invitations to sing at numerous gatherings, fellowships, and crusades that were interdenominational.

Through Venerable Azubuike Ugoha, she was given the opportunity to perform as a guest artist at St. Andrews Anglican Church, Mile 1 Diobu Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, according to God’s divine design. She eventually settled in Rivers State’s Port Harcourt.

She launched her musical on April 21, 2004, at the Taland Hotel, D/Line, in the Philippines, in order to proclaim the gospel of our Lord via gospel music. It was a hit and gave her many opportunities to serve in song. The Lord built her popularity in the gospel ministry on this foundation. Since then, the Lord has given her a prophetic talent, which he has employed personally to free souls from servitude and bring his people back into line with his divine design.

Despite having written her debut song in Yoruba, she primarily writes in Igbo and occasionally in English. Her biggest hit, “Praise,” which peaked on the gospel charts in Nigeria and propelled her to stardom as one of the country’s top gospel singers, was released in 2011.She has since released six inspirational albums that are currently on the market.

Some of Minister Chioma Jesus Songs

  • Omega Praise
  • Chioma Jesus 1 and 2
  • My Testimony Songs “2019”
  • Next Level Praise
  • Prophetic Praise 
  • Divine Level Praise
  • NkwaChioma Jesus Medley
  • Ebube Dike Medley
  • IhemGabu Medley 
  • I Will Be Medley
  • Chioma Jesus Miracle God 
  • Mighty In Battle Medley 
  • OruruGi Medley
  • OnyeUkwu
  • Chioma Jesus
  • ChukwuOkikeImela
  • Chioma Jesus Miracle God 
  • OdiroOnyeDikaGi
  • EjimChukwuUgwo
  • Holy Holy
  • Bulldozer “2020”

Minister Chioma Jesus AWARDS

Chioma Jesus has been rightly referred to be one of the top gospel singers with anointed voices in both Nigeria and abroad who avoids adopting worldly characteristics in her music, attire, or personal style. She has earned the moniker “THE QUEEN OF PRAISE” as a result of this.

Following her nomination for the 2010 Delta Yadah Award, which she went on to win in 2011 and 2012, her popularity exploded. Each year, professional gospel singers perform in the Delta Yadah event in Delta State. Additionally, other churches, organizations, and denominations have given her awards.These include:

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Minister Chioma Jesus – Awards Won

  • Omega Legend Award as the most outstanding gospel artist in Nigeria
  • Advocate Of Christian Excellence In Christianity: An award by the Christian association of Nigeria (CAN) Ideato South Chapter
  • HFTBF Award For Transparency and Integrity in the Gospel Music Ministry
  • 2015 Gospel Music Legacy Award by the spirit filled International Network Of Gospel Ministry and Churches in conjunction with Kingdom Life Gospel Church for her contribution towards the growth of gospel music across ethnic and national frontiers.
  • Award Of Meritorious Services to the gospel of music in Nigeria and of Christ in general
  • Award For The Sustained Support of the work in Redemption ministries and the world at large by Redemption Ministries Port Harcourt
  • Award For Excellence In Service of the Lord by Men’s Christian Association [MCA] New Generation Faith [Ang.] Church, City of Favour Port Harcourt
  • World Ambassador for peace award by United Nations-pol-ac peace Nigeria, in collaboration with platinum standard publications limited Lagos.

Minister Chioma Jesus FAMILY

She is currently married to the evangelist Callistus Okwuoha, and the couple has three wonderful children. Her daughter, whom she refers to as her “miracle baby,” was born 15 years after the birth of her first son.Before she entered the music profession, Chioma Jesus worked as a merchant and businessperson in the food sector. Given her upbringing, her experience of overcoming poverty can help someone rediscover their faith in God.

 Minister Chioma Jesus COLLABORATION

Minister Chioma Jesus is modest and works alongside other gospel singers with the primary objective of using music to spread the gospel of Christ. She is also one of the real representatives of authentic Nigerian gospel music. Not just in this country but also in many African nations, her music and lyrics are well-known. 

She has ministered alongside highly spiritual national and international rated gospel ministers over the world, including Sinach, Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, Kurt Kay, Juanita Bynum And Lionel Peterson. Chioma Jesus is also signed to gospel record labels including New Jerusalem Entertainment and CJ Entertainment

Minister Chioma Jesus PHILANTHROPY WORKS

She established the Inheritance of Mercy Foundation in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.