The Power of Perseverance: How Reverend Olusola Ayodele Areogun Overcame Adversities

Reverend Olusola Ayodele Areogun is an ordained minister of the gospel. He serves the will of God in this generation as author, teacher, church planter, and mentor of leaders for the next generation with varied ministerial exposure and experience.

He also serves as a father and cover for many up-coming ministers. He is the General Overseer of the Life Oasis International Church, with headquarters in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.

Born May 12, Areogun is the president of the Living Jesus Ministries and the president of the Sola Areogun Ministries, which oversees the Living Jesus Ministerial Training Institute.

His daily radio and TV program, “Living by the Answer”, formerly “Winning with Jesus”,  is heard across Nigeria, Africa, the U.K., Europe, and the United States of America.

Other outreaches include the Web of Wisdom Ministers’ Conference (a bi-annual event to refresh and re-fire ministers of the gospel), the Living Jesus Ministerial Training Institute (a full-time Bible school), Eagle Media, Spirit Meat (a freely distributed daily devotional guide), and Abundant Life House, the publishing arm that has over a hundred publications.

In 1984, he went on a missionary trip to reach out to towns and start what were then called “Redemption Faith Churches” on empty land. This was a great chance for a lot of young people to learn how to be ministers. In 1988, God told him to hold special healing services for the whole city in different towns, where Christians would learn how to win over sin, sickness, and poverty.

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In 1990, he started having Bible conferences for Christians in Nigeria’s biggest cities. This brought people from different churches together to learn from God’s Word. About six years went by with this. By November 1989, the church part of the ministry was up and running.

He said that God had told him to raise people in Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria, to be oases of life and power for God in their worlds, and that he wanted to do this all over the world.

According to the Church website, Pastor Areogun had a vision in 1996 where he saw himself standing before the Lord with other servants of God to pick their life assignment. So when his turn came, he picked up a sheet of paper on which was written, “Committed to helping men realize their God-given dreams in life.” This sums up the heartbeat of this servant of God.

In an article published by Daily Mail Nigeria on May 17, 2017, Olusola Areogun strongly opined against and criticized a recent practice in Nigeria, where comedians perform and entertain people in church, claiming they are desecrating the holy things of God.

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Reverend Olusola Ayodele Areogun’s Family

Reverend Olusola Areogun is happily married to Pastor Mrs. Oyenike Areogun, who also ministers alongside him. Oyenike Areogun is a senior pastor at the Dream Center of the Life Oasis Int’l Church and the host of the popular Television program: JOY OF EVERY WOMAN, where she teaches deeply about matters that bother women, marriage, ministry, and career.

The couple is blessed with two children, Pastor Joshua and Sister Peace Areogun who are also involved in the ministry.

OlusolaAreogun and his wife host a Quarterly Students in Ministry Mentorship Programme (SIMMP) for students in the higher institutions of learning across Nigeria.

Philanthropic Works Of Reverend Olusola Ayodele Areogun

Reverend Olusola Areogun and his wife host a Quarterly Students in Ministry Mentorship Programme (SIMMP) for students in the higher institutions of learning across Nigeria.

They are also the founders of the Olusola and Oyenike Areogun Development Initiative (OOADInitiative). The OOADInitiative is the central administrative hub for four (4) registered, faith-based NGOs namely:

  • Late Emmanuel Idowu and Maria Adjike-Areogun Scholarship Foundation [LEIMAASF]
  • The Reverend Olusola-Areogun Scholarship Foundation [TROAS]
  • The Oyenike-Areogun Women Empowerment Foundation [TOAWEF]
  • Operation Give Life to a Destiny (OperationGlad)