Top 10 In Demand Jobs in Quebec, Canada

There are more than 10 In demand Jobs in Quebec right now. Many jobs were lost because of the steps that the government of Quebec took to stop the pandemic from spreading.

Some of these jobs include being an administrative assistant, selling things in a store, or cooking. Some of the effects are the loss of jobs or the shortening of work hours.

On the contrary, there was more desire for some jobs than before. Read on to learn about some of these jobs. The jobs that are in demand in Quebec, Canada, are listed below, along with their national occupation classification (NOC) codes.

Delivery and Courier Service Driver Jobs in Quebec, Canada (NOC 7514)

For these kinds of jobs, you have to drive light trucks, vans, or even motorcycles to pick up or carry packages and other goods to different places.

Most of the time, they work for companies that do texting, retail trade, or food service. Even better, they can also work for themselves.

Due to Covid-19’s health and safety measures, restaurants, stores, and other retail places had to close, which made more people want delivery services.

This means that there were more people looking for these kinds of jobs than before.

Also, almost everyone went to e-commerce because “social distance” and “the new normal” were said over and over again.

This caused a 62.4% rise in the number of people working in this field from March to October of 2019 to 2020.

Store Shelf Stokers, Order Fillers, and Clerks in Quebec, Canada (NOC 6622)

For these jobs, you’ll be packing up purchases, putting prices on items, stocking shelves, and filling mail and phone orders. Most of the time, these kinds of workers get jobs in food and drink stores, personals, or health care.

Between 2019 and 2020, about 20% more people got these kinds of jobs. People were not meant to walk or talk freely because of the social distance rules.

So, orders were to be made and sent to their owners through e-commerce and delivery services. This led to a rise in the number of people who handle packages, fill orders, and work in offices.

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Supply Chain, Supervisory, and Scheduling Coordination Jobs in Quebec, Canada (NOC 1215)

Most of these people work in the production, shipping, warehousing, wholesaling, and retailing sectors.
Most of the rise in demand in this area was because more people needed medical supplies. Also, many producers had to deal with small or big problems.

So, these types of workers were very important to bringing the manufacturing industry back to its glory days. During this time, between March 2019 and October 2020, the number of people looking for jobs in this field went up by 48.7%.

Job Openings for High School Teachers in Quebec, Canada (NOC 4031)

Remember that almost all Quebec schools were closed in the spring of 2020 because of the plague. And most of them went to learn online.

Students went back to their own homes, where their parents had to hire teachers or sign them up for online lessons.

This made the need for high school teachers rise by 27.2% from March to October of 2019 to 2020.

Human Resource Jobs in Quebec, Canada (NOC 1121)

When the pandemic first started, these professionals stepped in to help come up with plans for business stability.

They were mostly asked to come up with ways to keep working online, deal with stress and worry among workers, and make sure that every worker follows the set rules for health and safety.

In 2019, the average rise in demand for jobs in this sector hit a high of 25.5% and is still going up.

User Support Technicians Jobs in Quebec, Canada (NOC 2282)

Most of the people who work in user support work in banking, computer system design, public administration, insurance, and the insurance industry.

The best thing about these jobs is that they can be done from anywhere. This is what made them so popular.

During the pandemic, many industries and companies realized how important e-commerce was. As these industries moved toward becoming more digital, there was a big rise in demand for these jobs.

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Between 2019 and 2020, from March to October, the number of jobs for user support technicians went up by 52.9%.

Bookkeepers and auditors of finances Jobs in Quebec, Canada (NOC 1111)

These kinds of workers can be found in almost every field. These experts have also been very involved in figuring out how the pandemic has affected companies.

Some of the things they do are value assets, change leases, restructure debt, and find ways for the government to help.

This is why the people who were most worried about their business finances, especially during the pandemic, were the ones who needed these pros the most.

Between 2019 and 2020, the average number of jobs for accountants and financial inspectors in Quebec grew by 18.4%.

Post-Secondary Teaching and Research Assistant Jobs in Quebec, Canada (NOC 4012)

Most of the time, these people work at universities, CEGEPs in Quebec, and community schools. After the virus hit, almost all colleges and universities switched to hybrid and online learning.

Because of this, schools had to hire more helpers and research assistants to help teachers and their students. As a result, the demand for these workers rose by 37.9% from March to October of 2019 to 2020.

The Medical Administrative Assistant Jobs in Quebec, Canada (NOC 1243)

These important people work in hospitals and other health care centers. After the pandemic started, more people needed medical care, which made more people want to work in this field.
Because of this, the need for health care workers went up by 16.7% during this time.

Pharmacy Technician Jobs in Quebec, Canada (NOC 3131)

Most pharmacists work in hospitals, drugstores, or shops that sell personal care items. During the pandemic, a lot of people went to pharmacists for advice, changes to their medications, medical views, or to get their prescriptions extended when they couldn’t get to their doctors.

This is the major reason why the average demand for pharmacists rose by 59.5% between 2019 and now.
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