Revival in Tennessee Just Like Revival in Kentucky: Tennessee Church Witnesses Profound ‘Move of God’ in Revival

Revival breaks out in Tennessee, Just Like the Revival in Kentucky, United States. as a Tennessee church experiences the move of God! Revival has broken out in Tennessee, United States, as a church there saw 136 baptisms on Sunday, with plenty more set to come. Over a hundred people responded to a spontaneous call to be baptized, during a sermon at Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville.

In a post on social media, Long Hollow pastor, Robby Gallaty said “What happened yesterday was another genuine move of God,”

Gallaty says he felt prompted by God to give an opportunity for “spontaneous baptism” off the back of his preaches from Matthew chapter 3. He said the response was “unreal”.“We have been sensing a second wave of revival coming to our church for weeks with the amount of people being baptized recently, but yesterday exceeded our anticipation,” he added. According to Gallaty, a further 40 people have signed up to be baptized at the church next Sunday.

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A wave of baptisms seems to be spreading across the United States in recent months. 2,000 people reportedly made a public declaration of faith at Life Church, Oklahoma earlier this month.

In California, over 4,000 gathered to be baptized at Pirates Cove on Pentecost Sunday while a month later thousands gave their lives to Christ at the evangelical event SoCal Harvest Crusade. Pastor Gallaty is asking Christians to pray for this spiritual renewal to continue.

What are the famous revivals?

As Christians, we believe that God is present and active in our lives and the world around us. From the Old Testament narratives of God’s miraculous interventions in the lives of His people to the strong revivals that have swept across the world, pulling millions to faith in Christ, we have seen evidence of God’s power at work throughout history.
Revivals are a one-of-a-kind phenomena in Christian history, characterized by a strong move of the Holy Spirit that transforms lives and communities. In this blog article, we will look at a number of historical revivals, highlighting some of the fundamental characteristics of each movement and how God worked through His people to bring about transformation.

  • The First Great Awakening (1730s-1740s)
  • The Second Great Awakening (1800s)
  • The Welsh Revival (1904 – 1905)
  • The Azusa Street Revival (1906 – 1915)
  • The East Africa Revival (1930 – 1960)
  • The Healing Revivals (1940 – 1950)
  • The Jesus Movement (1960 – 1970)
  • The Toronto Blessing (1994)
  • The Brownsville Revival (1990s)
  • You can read more about these great revivals.