NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Launches Clothing Company “UNITUS CLOTHING” For ‘Faith-Loving Americans’

NBA star, Jonathan Isaac has launched his own athletic apparel company called UNITUS CLOTHING, marketed towards “faith loving Americans’’.

The NBA forward, who plays for Orlando Magic,  made headlines in 2020 when he stood during the national anthem as his teammates knelt in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter, BLM, movement.

Isaac hopes that the clothing line, tagged UNITUS,  will capture consumers who appreciated his decision to stand and do not approve of companies that publicly supported BLM.

Speaking during an interview, the star said “I believe that values matter, and in today’s day when we do give our money to companies that don’t support our values we’re cosigning their message. So what I wanted to do was give Americans–freedom-loving, faith-loving Americans–the option to buy with their values.”

Explaining his actions on not taking the knee and wearing the Black Lives Matter shirt in 2020, the star said; “I didn’t want to align myself with the Black Lives Matter movement and organization. And I felt that a true answer to all the problems that we see, not just racism, was the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I decided to stand up and share it.”

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He was interviewed as part of the launch event and began his remarks by giving glory to the Lord. Isaac explained at the event that the UNITUS logo was based on the Ark of the Covenant, and announced he would be debuting the “Judah I” shoe during the upcoming NBA season. The sneaker will have five colorways — unconquered, ruah (the Hebrew word for spirit), triumph, exodus and lion of Judah — with a Bible verse tied to each of them. The NBA star clothing line will be launched during the start of the season, this August.

Unitus Clothing Brand.

On the brands website, one can see what Jonathan Isaac is trying to point out “For too long, the sports and lifestyle apparel game has been dominated by companies with divisive agendas. Greatness has been defined only by how you perform—apart from who you are and how you live. And cancel culture has the millions of people who hold traditional values wondering, “What if I’m the only one?”. You can read more and even order from the unitus clothing brand website