How to Get Receptionist Jobs in Canada in 2024

Are you looking for Receptionist Jobs in Canada, as a front desk secretary in Toronto or anywhere else in Canada? If so, you should look closely at the receptionist jobs that are open in different places in Canada.

Students and people from other countries can find full-time and part-time jobs as receptionists. Send in an updated CV and cover letter along with an online job application for the best receptionist jobs in Canada.

Receptionist jobs are often thought of as part-time, short-term jobs or as stepping stones on the way to a bigger career.

Joining a company as a receptionist can be a very rewarding job path in and of itself, with great earning and growth potential.

It is a simple job with low stress and a lot of opportunities to move up, get promoted, and make more money, which would make many receptionists happy.

Here are some Canadian receptionist jobs that offer the chance to move up, less stress, and freedom.

How much do jobs as a receptionist in Canada pay?

In Canada, receptionists are in high demand, and you may be able to get a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa with or without a job offer.

How to Get a Receptionist Job in Canada

Even if you don’t have any experience, you can become a receptionist if you have a high school education and know your way around an office. Employers like to see that you’ve been to college or worked as an intern.

Qualifications for Receptionist Jobs in Canada

Usually, you need to have finished at least high school.
You need to have finished a one- or two-year college program for office assistants or receptionists or have worked in a clerical job before.

Requirement for Receptionist Job in Canada

To be a receptionist, you need to be good at talking to people and have good phone manners.

  • To work with both internal and external users, you need to have good people skills, know how to calm down a situation, and listen carefully.
  • Proven and excellent customer service skills and practices.
  • Experience in customer service at the front line.
  • Shown a strong desire to provide good service to tenants and customers while respecting different cultures.
  • The ability to keep information secret
  • Smarts and tact
  • History of being reliable, showing up, and being on time
  • Knowledge of how an office works in general
  • Familiarity with how TCH works, what services it offers, and how it is set up
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and E-Mail).
  • It would be a plus to be able to speak more than one language.
  • Ability to use a variety of computer programs, such as email, the Internet, TCH web, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

Extra skills or abilities:

  • Excellent skills with the phone, people, and customer service are needed.
  • You need to be able to talk to people very well.
  • There must be good writing and communication skills.
  • You need to be able to organize, keep track of time, and decide what to do first.
  • Needs to be able to work well under pressure.
  • Needs to be able to use good judgment when looking at hard conditions.
  • It’s important to know about basic office practices, procedures, and standards.
  • Having knowledge of medical terms is a plus.
  • Understanding how to act in a diverse work group is important.

How to Move to Canada as A Receptionist

This post tells you how to become a receptionist in Canada and then immigrate to Canada in the next few years, there will be tens of thousands of foreign receptionists like you who want to work in Canada. Find out how to make the most of the chance.

You may have read on the internet that you need a job offer to move to Canada in order to use the Express Entry process. As a Receptionist, however, you have other ways to get your Canada Visa right away.

Since there is such a high demand for receptionists in Canada, the job has been added to the targeted occupations list, also known as the NOC list (National Occupation Code In-Demand List).

This means that people who are just starting out can apply for immigration to Canada.

The number for receptionists on the NOC list is 1241, which stands for Administrative Assistants. This is great news for receptionists from other countries who want to live and work in Canada.

In Canada, the Express Entry program is not a type of visa at all. Instead, it is just a database of jobs that the Canadian government uses to choose skilled workers for a permanent residency visa.

Then, if you want to move to Canada as a receptionist, you should look into the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

How to Get a Job as a Receptionist in Canada?

It’s much easier to find receptionist work in Canada. There are hundreds of recruitment agencies and online job portals where you can look at a wide range of possibilities.

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As a new Permanent Resident of Canada who is very skilled, you can work full-time right away. Receptionist jobs in Canada often pay better than those in the UK, Europe, and Asia, and Canadian labor laws understand the need for a healthy balance between work and life.

Receptionists who want to move to Canada to work under category 1241 of the NOC list might be able to do the following jobs:

Assistant to the Administrator, Administrative Secretary,Appointment Secretary, Personal Secretary, Private Secretary, Contracts Secretary, Executive Secretary (except for legal and medical), Finance Secretary, Human Resources Secretary, Loans and Grants Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Office Administrative Assistant, Recording Secretary, Sales Secretary, School Secretary, Secretary (Except for Legal and Medical),
Secretary of the Tax Service, Secretary of Technology, and Secretary of the Church

Canadian Job Bank is the biggest job site where you can find the latest receptionist jobs in Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver, Brampton, Calgary, Ottawa, and many other cities across Canada.

In the same way, Indeed Canada for jobs is a great place to look for receptionist job openings near you.

How to Apply for Canadian Receptionist Jobs?

If you are qualified, you can apply for receptionist jobs in Canada. To get hired as a receptionist, you must follow the steps for applying for a job.

Here are the steps you need to take to apply for a job as a receptionist in Canada:

  • When you click the “Apply Now” link, you’ll be taken to the Jobbank Canada page.
  • Read all the information about the job very carefully. You may find the job description, duties, responsibilities, needed education and experience, license requirements, specific skills, work settings, work location, hiring company, etc.
  • Then click the “Show How to Apply” button, where you might find an email address or a link to apply for the job.
  • Send your updated CV with your job application to the email address given, or fill out the online application form and send your CV.

You are done now. Wait for the HR boss of the company to call you or send you an email about your application to be a receptionist.