Fury And Uproar as Argentine artists create doll dressed as Jesus Christ

Two Argentine artists create doll dressed as Jesus Christ, and have been heavily criticized and threatened for creating Barbie dolls which features representations of Jesus Christ, and important religious figures, including Catholic saints and the Virgin Mary.

Describing the Barbies as blasphemous, social media users said “Seeking fame in an infamous way, what a disappointment” and “Respect the Sacred faith!”.

Made by Emiliano Pool Paolini and Marianela Perell,the dolls are part of their collection called “Barbie: The Plastic Religion,”

The artist couple initially showcased the collection in 2014, but the recent success of the “Barbie” movie inspired them to relaunch it. Despite the criticism, at least one toy shop in Argentina has agreed to stock some models of the religious-themed dolls.

The artists said that their work is being “misunderstood”, insisting that the dolls were made out of love and respect.

The artists created 33 dolls depicting people from various religions, including Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Barbie, the Satanic figure Baphomet. The collection includes a Barbie and Ken each nailed to a pink cross, as well as a Virgin Mary Barbie, a Moses Ken – complete with tablets – and even a Barbie nativity scene.A Buddha Ken is also available, sitting in a lotus position. The dolls sell for $750on average.The artists plan to showcase their collection in an art show in December, 2023.