Three Baptist Church Members Killed by Deadly Mushrooms in Australia

Three Baptist Church Members Killed. They are members of Korumburra Baptist Church in Australia, including two sisters, have reportedly died after eating mushrooms at a dinner party.

According to a statement issued by the police,the leader of the Church, 68-years old Ian Wilkinson is still being treated in hospital.His wife, Heather Wilkinson, and two others became ill after eating a meal at a home in the nearby town of Leongatha according to police.

3 Baptist Church Members Killed

The police said it has been notified in relation to an incident where four people were taken to hospital with suspected poisoning on Sunday, July 30 :

“The four people, two male and two female, became ill after eating a meal at a private residence in Leongatha the previous day. It has been reported that wild mushrooms may have been the cause. Police were notified that a 66-year-old woman and a 70-year-old woman, both from Korumburra, passed away in hospital on August 4.

A third person, a 70-year-old man, passed away in hospital on August 5.

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“At this time the exact circumstances are still being established and it is not known if the matter is suspicious.

“The investigation into the incident remains ongoing and police will liaise with the Department of Health in relation to the matter.”

Korumburra is described as a close-knit community with a high level of volunteerism. Local mayor, Nathan Hersey described those involved as “exceptional people who had given generously to the local community in a meaningful way over many years.

Councillor Jenni Keerie said the community was in shock at losing three such “strong, kind and generous” community members : A statement issued by the families of the deceased said “We find solace in God’s love, knowing that they are now in the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ.”