Pastor Oyedepo’s Son Rejects Yahoo Boy’s HUGE Gift

The son of Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church, has disclosed how he rejected Prophet’s offering from a yahoo boy in his church.

Pastor Oyedepo’s Son, who is the resident pastor of Faith Tabernacle, made this known during his sermon at the ongoing Annual International Youth Alive Convention of the church.

Speaking on the importance of sanctification, the cleric shared, “One day at church, a young boy gave me a prophet offering, but my spirit did not permit me to collect it. I returned the gift and called the boy into my office. When the boy came, I asked him, What do you do? He said I’m into cryptocurrency and other things. I said my friend, Tell me what you really do. Then I found out this boy was into yahoo yahoo”.

“He was active in church. Never missed a prayer meeting. The title they give you does not matter. They may call you a pastor or deacon. What matters is whether you look like Jesus,” he said. Pastor Oyedepo (jnr.) urged his congregation to put off the works of the old man if they were truly born again.