Group Launches Campaign To Restore Public Prayer And Expressions of Faith in the US

A group launches a campaign to restore expressions of Faith. The campaign aimed at “Restoring Faith in America” has been launched in the United States. Announced by the First Liberty Institute, Texas on Monday, the campaign seeks to uphold the right to pray and express religious beliefs in public settings. It also seeks to defend the right to display the ten commandments, nativity scenes, and other faith affirmations, as well as the right to pray openly.

In 2015, Christian football coach, Joe Kennedy, was sacked from Bremerton High School in Washington for praying on the field after games. A lawsuit was later filed against the school district. In 2022, the US Supreme Court backed Kennedy, ruling that the Washington State public school district had violated his rights by suspending him for refusing to stop leading post-game prayers with players. Kennedy was later reinstated to his previous position as assistant coach.

Kennedy’s attorney for the case, Paul Clement, is encouraging Americans to “take a knee” with Coach Kennedy on 1st September to support public affirmations of faith. The First Freedom Challenge calls on people to commit to joining a national night of prayer with the coach as he returns to the field next month. The “Restoring Faith in America” campaign describes the challenge as the “first simple yet powerful step” to restore faith in US schools. It adds “God has opened an incredible door for all Americans to express their faith and bring faith back to our communities”.