Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Folashade grew up in a Christian household. She was a lovely and clever woman who never managed to escape the attention that several suitors had shown towards her. She made sure that the Bible’s commands guided her decisions. At a friend’s birthday party, Folashade met Adeyinka, with whom she got along well. Due to the ambiguity around Adeyinka’s sexual orientation, Folashade made the decision to impose a limit on their friendship. When Adeyinka relocated and unexpectedly left his job, the two still exchanged emails. After learning that Adeyinka was not a womanizer and that their friendship was the extent of his commitment to her, Folashade grew fond of him.

Adeyinka and Folashade regularly discussed their feelings in their email exchanges. As Adeyinka and Folashade fell in love, he was certain that she was the one he wanted to spend his life with. As they traveled large distances to be together, Adeyinka developed the practice of telling Folashade about the holy household he fantasized about having. After the program at a Bible study fellowship one day, Adeyinka kneeled down and proposed to Folashade. After receiving a revelation regarding it, she verified it. Folashade was astonished to discover that while he was tinkering with her finger, Adeyinka had quietly slipped an engagement ring upon it. Adeyinka explained to Folashade that ever since he started talking to her about his desire for a godly household, he had always planned to plop an engagement ring on her finger once the time was appropriate.

This brief novella makes it clear that there was no sexual immorality of any kind between the two young lovers. They resisted the temptation because they knew it would have undermined the reason God created marriage. Many young people nowadays lead irresponsible lives and refuse to acknowledge God’s role in their lives.

In the current age and epoch, marriage is portrayed negatively, which gives people the wrong motivation to act and live in ways that go against the ideal meaning and purpose of marriage. God has ordained marriage in the image and likeness of the uniqueness of the union between Christ and the Church. The order of marriage mirrors the sequence of all Christ accomplished while on earth, both inside and outside of the church. The male in the marriage is under extreme pressure to love his wife as Christ loved the Church. It means that the perspective and conception of a specific generation or dispensation do not lessen the significance or effectiveness of such instructions that were given to man. This is a biblical order that transcends eras and seasons.

                A godly marriage is one that has a firm foundation in the Bible, and its stems and branches are those that can be directly linked to the sources that are supported by the existence of thorough knowledge and comprehension of how Christ loved the church. Any union that does not reflect the kind of inspiration found in the Bible cannot be said to as a Godly union since it does not reflect Christ and His presence.

                It is a fiction and a misunderstanding to think that a Godly marriage is one that is free from problems with life, such as difficulties, difficulties, turbulence, and other situations that might make it difficult to have a good Godly marriage. It is actually one that is most likely to experience such a situation because the devil’s agenda is always to destroy what God has planted properly. To do this, he tries to use his various manipulative skillset to cause things to go wrong and, in doing so, ensures that damage that is beyond repair is done. Even if a godly marriage would face many difficulties, it is assured that it would survive the test of time since its basis is built on God’s word.

Because it is a relationship between humans and there is still the existence of the earthly nature of man and the ambiance and characteristics of a human dwelling within and without, the couples would experience miscommunications and misunderstandings with one another; this cannot be avoided overall. In the struggle over personal interests, children or other family members cannot be completely ignored, and many more things may result from a child’s enthusiasm or from being young in general. Undoubtedly, all of these are coming seasons. However, because it was founded on a godly philosophy, it will all pass through time. The infilling of God’s person and presence in such a marriage provides nourishment for each season and chance.

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