From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact: The Inspiring Biography of Apostle Johnson Suleman!

Welcome to this in-depth biography of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s incredible life and ministry – a man whose path is intertwined with controversies, faith, grace, and divine encounters. Apostle Suleman’s life, from a modest beginning to becoming a global leader, is a tribute to the strength of unshakeable faith and the impact of a life devoted to serving God and people. Join us as we delve into his life’s remarkable chapters, uncovering the divine calling, miraculous encounters, and revolutionary teachings that have touched millions across the world.

Biography of Apostle Johnson Suleman

Who is Apostle Johnson Suleman?

The biography of Apostle Johnson Suleman won’t be complete if we don’t let you know that he is a televangelist and Christian minister in Nigeria. He is the founder and senior pastor of the Pentecostal Church also known as Omega Fire Ministries International, which has its headquarters in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. In Nigeria and elsewhere, Apostle Suleman enjoys a sizable following as a result of his fervent and passionate preaching style. In numerous nations, he is renowned for planning conferences, healing crusades, and revivals.

Who is Lizzy Johnson Suleman to Apostle Johnson Suleman?

We will definitely be doing The biography of Apostle Johnson Suleman a “disservice” if we don’t talk about Lizzy Johnson Suleman who is a Reverend Dr. is the wife of Apostle Johnson Suleman; the senior pastor at Omega Fire Ministries (OFM). She is a Nigerian who was born on February 28, is a preacher, gospel singer, lecturer, teacher, author, Christian, and philanthropist. In Kano State, Northern Nigeria, she was both born and nurtured.

The history of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s ministry (In The biography of Apostle Johnson Suleman).

The history of the ministry of Apostle JohnsonSuleman of Omega Fire Ministry started when some prophets from Warri reportedly traveled to ApostleSuleman’s parents’ house in Benin State after his birth.The prophets informed the parents of apostlesuleman that they had received a divine word declaring that Suleman’s life’s work would be to minister in God’s presence. Suleman’s parents, who were devout Muslims, became offended by the statement. As a result, they ignored the message and ceased to be interested in the Warri prophets. Apostel Johnson Suleman’s parents reportedly became aware of his distinct differences in behavior as he grew. He apparently had a sweet place for Christianity, even though he went to the mosque with his father. Apostle Suleman totally embraced Christianity after he finished his secondary studies.

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Is Apostle Johnson Suleman a Doctor or A Professor?

Apostle Johnson Suleman has a doctorate degree in human resources management but he is yet to become a professor in that field since it will require him to have additional research and years of academic experience.

Biography of Apostle Johnson Suleman

Who is Favor Vanessa to Apostle Johnson Suleman?

Venessa is the firstborn child of Apostle Johnson Suleman and Reverend Dr. Lizzie Suleman. She turned 18 years old on June 4, 2022. Majority of her father’s fans knew about her When she made an appearance on the apostle’s social media accounts during her 16th birthday. The biography of Apostle Johnson Suleman won’t make much sense without talking about his children right? LoL.

Who is Divine to Apostle Johnson Suleman?

Divine is the second child of Apostle Johnson Suleman and Reverend Dr. LizzieSuleman. She was born on August 17, 2006. She became a gospel preacher in the same profession as her father. In her dad’s church, she frequently leadworship and prayer sessions.

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Who is Mirabel to Apostle Johnson Suleman?

The youngest of Apostle Johnson’s four daughters is named Mirabel. She is regarded as the most funny among Apostle suleman’s daughters because of her great sense of humor.

Recent Controversies in Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Ministry? (Kill Fulani, Alleged romantic fling, and Assasination attempt on him)

One of the recent controversies in Apostle Suleman ministry is that of the sex scandal allegations by a controversial blog, Gistlover, that he is having an affair with some Nollywood actresses but Apostle denied having such affairs.

Another controversial issue is how some number of gunmen attacked the convoy of Apostel Suleman on a particular Sunday evening along Warake Road, while coming back to his base in Auchi.

Biography of Apostle Johnson Suleman

Lists of Top 10 messages of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s messages.

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That Witch Must Die Part 3

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Lists of Top 10 Books of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s books

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